2017: Truth

These have been some dark days in 2017. With liars and manipulators running our nation, gun violence, and natural disasters lurking around every corner of the world it is hard to find hope. The idea of truth and its allusiveness or its subjectivity has run wild from every media outlet in these United States. As such I think it is only appropriate for truth to be my theme for the year. Below I will highlight some of my truths.


Be Kind To Strangers

2017 kicked off in a friend of a friend of a friends house in Frankfurt, Germany. 20 people I have never met drank, danced and celebrated with me in the snowy field overlooking a river. Each one welcomed me into their circle, cooked beautiful dinners, shared their drinking games and even housed me. This kind of openness is one I hope to promote within my friends and home.

Second time I was reminded of this was when my family went to Sicily in July. My old roommate from college lives there now. One night he introduced us to his friend at one of their beach houses for a BBQ bonfire. We found ways to translate what we both were saying. Language is not a barrier its definitely a bridge. God Bless these beautiful Sicilians.


People make the difference.

I managed about 8 of my own different programs this year with LeadDog. The people I worked with not only are competent people but hilarious and push me forward. From the snowy streets of Aspen, to the 17 hour rainy piers of Manhattan, to the overnights in Central Park to the beaches of Los Angeles it makes a difference who is standing next to you.

Take the risk. 

My family went to visit the mountains my great aunt was born in in Italy. The lack of internet and English to me was shocking, it seemed like a city stuck in time. We wandered the street realizing how far you can push yourself to set someone up for success. My family left everything they knew in the hopes of finding opportunities. This is why I think our country is so great because #immigrantsgetthejobdone 

Speak Up Loud and Often.

Because like every other woman on the planet #metoo. When we see something, we need to say something. Our voices matter. Just this year I stood up at work when I wasn’t considered for a project. I knocked on doors and spoke to everyone who would listen. I joined them at the pitch, which we won, and I am now one of the leads on the project. You will be called pushy, bossy and aggressive but thats alright because you win in the end.

Cheers to 2018!


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