Well here we are; the place where my thoughts come out. Caution: I am a self diagnosed dyslexic so occasionally my thought processes is… unique. Here is a little information about me. I am 25% nerd with an obsession with reading fantasy and listening to history podcasts (@iheartpotter should explain enough), 25% concert junkie and 50% wanderer.

Ever since I was young I constantly wanted to be in being in the middle of things or as Ariel, my favorite Disney princess, says “where the people are”. Whenever I had to take a nap I would get angry. I began to realize that whenever my shoes were removed, it was nap time. One day I told my mom:

My feet don’t wanna go to sleep!

This is basically my life motto. Socializing and communication is in my nature and blood. I am ready to share ideas, thoughts, problems and everything in between.



    1. Thank you for your reply=) Hope you will join us and share some interesting places. Please feel free to contact me if you have any question.

  1. Angela!!!
    WOW. WOW. WOW.
    Definitely NO sleepy feet😂🤣.
    I am so impressed with all of your spunk and drive to be able to, not only visit, but thoroughly appreciate the culture and experiences you’ve had.
    Your descriptions and photos are beautiful and definitely gave me the travel bug and the itch to see places I’ve never been. Always wanted to visit Africa and Australia and you have truly inspired me!!
    You’re a very smart young lady to search within yourself and understand what brings you joy. Many people strive a whole lifetime to find happiness and a fulfilled life…. continue your awesome journey!! Live that one BIG life. Smart to do it when you’re young, single and healthy as you never know what the future holds.
    All the BEST,

    1. Wow Mrs Monahan. Thank you so much for those beautiful words. Thanks for reading and glad you felt like I was able to bring you into the beautiful chaos I have been able to witness.

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