Switzerland: Hiking

If your thought process is like mine, when you first hear Switzerland you think of cheese. Likely your second thought is the Swiss Alps. Considering we already devoured too much cheese we wanted our last couple days to be exploring the Alps and the towns outside of Zurich.


We first head to Chur, which is a 2 hour train ride away from Zurich and costs 80CHF round trip. This city picked us as Stasia was on the hunt of a wedding dress from a European designer and this small city had the exact style she wanted to see. Like most towns in Switzerland they had gondola rides up a mountain side with hiking trails right in the city.


The gondola ride itself is 25CHF each way but the views are worth it. At the top we see beautiful homes with floor to ceiling windows. I cannot imagine what it would be like waking up to this view. We settle on a direction based on the options labeled by amount of time it takes to complete the hike and up we go.

We pass families and older couples hiking and enjoying the view. My new goal is to try and hike more so any suggestions around New York, hit me up.

Second hiking excursion for our last day was settled for outside of Interlochen until we realized it would cost us almost 100CHF to get there. We discussed quickly with an extremely friendly and informative ticket attendant and updated our plans to Lucerne. This was only 45 minutes away and a 25CHF train ride each way. From the station there was an entire city to explore and a bus ride that took us to the base of Mt Pilatus.

From the train to the bus to the gondola up the mountain we went. At the top we knew there was a toboggan ride that would zig zag you down the mountainside. We made our way further up the mountain realizing we weren’t even half way up. The toboggan ride was only 8CHF but had a strict no video policy. We abided the first time but then stowed our phones in our bras for round two. It was too epic to not record. Check the video here.

Lucerne was a great choice as well because after you finished hiking you still had a whole town to explore. We toured the chapel bridge from the 1800s and walked to the lion monument. Absolutely suggest it if you are heading to Zurich as an easy add on.

That night we enjoyed fondue and couldn’t believe this amazing trip was coming to a close. Before we knew it we were waiting on the plane in Iceland to jet home to New York. Now with France and Switzerland under my belt I am only 7 countries away from my 30 under 30 target. What’s next?

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