Change of address

With June approaching and four and a half years of New York City under my belt I am ready for the next adventure. So I am saying goodbye to the l train and my overcrowded commute, the smell of piss all over the streets and the freezing cold winter winds.

It seems ridiculous to say but I am moving to Australia.


This crazy decision started to form 4 years ago when we visited. The weather, the people, the accents… *sigh*. Australia is almost the same age as the US in terms of independence and compares really evenly. They love to drink, have democracy but they were smart enough to ban all guns.


In classic Angela fashion most nothing is planned. So if you have a friend, cousin, colleague or location I should visit don’t be shy, introduce me please!

More to come and more to share so subscribe to keep yourself in the know because this is going to be interesting.

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