The good thing about being a professional event planner is that when you quit your job and decide to move to Australia you already have the skill set to plan it. I’ve been lucky in my life to meet some amazing people who know I like to couch surf so I have planned my trip to Australia as more of an international road trip to see friends.

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 4.55.02 PM

First, IAD – LHR. Quick first stop for 4 days in London to see a high school friend and a LeadDog friend. Definitely stalking the CSM London office as well because this sabbatical of mine will need to be funding eventually.  *someone please hire me to plan events abroad asap*

Second, LCY – LIN – CAT. The goal was to spend my birthday in Sicily because that place stole my heart last summer. I found a flight with a day lay over in Milan so cue my next couch surf request to an old friend who lives there. After a couple excited whats app messages she demands I stay with her. Layover trip booked. Then to Sicily where nothing is planned but I have put my friend from college in charge of planning some birthday festivities. Literally a cannoli anywhere would be the best birthday ever.

Third, sometime within this week in Sicily a trip to Malta will occur but everything can’t be planned out right now.

Fourth, CAT – DXB – JNB – LIV. Getting from Sicily to Africa I thought would be easy… it is not. I found a flight that goes to Johannesburg through Dubai. I purchased the flight to Zambia separately because it was cheaper. Why there you ask? Since my best friend from college is teaching in Tanzania this summer we made a plan to meet somewhere in Africa for a safari. Pro tip: don’t try and plan an African safari 2 months before because everything is booked. After some serious research I found the perfect safari for us from Victoria Falls to Johannesburg. For 7 days we will travel through parks to travel through Zambia to Zimbabwe to South Africa. That, plus Malta, will put my goal of visiting 30 countries before I turn 30 up to 27.

For all my friends out there saying, “damn does this girl have a sugar daddy?” Answer is no. I planned this international road trip so I wouldn’t have to take a 23 hour flight to the other side of the world and see the most I can along the way. All in all these flights cost me $2,200 total. Not bad for a 7 country tour.

Fifth, after all of this chaos I will finally fly over to Australia for the next year. They say its the journey not the destination right? This is going to be a long journey for sure.

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