Switzerland: Zurich

I get a little hyper excited about exploring new cities. I am always dying to know their history. Luckily my friends and family have entertained the ideas enough to be open to a walking tour. This is definitely my favorite first activity in a new city. You get more familiar with the streets, the history of the people and appreciate so much more than just the landscape. Naturally our first stop was a free walking tour.

“maybe we should hold hands, that’d be funny” – probably us

We joined our guide Julian right in a main plaza on a warm sunny day. I was already sweating in my sweater (thanks global warming). Julian took us all around by the river, to major churches and explained some statues. Fun fact: builders used to mark the stones they laid with symbols so at the end of the day they knew how much to get paid. They are still on a church in Zurich so maybe they were never paid? The rough life of an independent contractor still so true.

After the two hours we wandered towards the lake. Luckily one was about to leave on a 90 minute tour around this 25 mile lake. There were slides and boards by the water for people to swim in the lake. These gorgeous homes lined the water front. We basked in the sun and enjoyed the views and light breeze.

click for video

After the ride we were ready to eat, found a diner and ordered some burgers. Swiss food is hard to find, everything is really another ethnicity or culture. After inhaling some food we decided to walk it off and explore. We ended up finding a little funicular ascending a hill. We jump on after deducing it is free and up we went. At the top we found the most beautiful overlook of the city along with groups of 20 somethings drinking and laughing. We should of known; find the college, find the rooftop bar.

entrance to funicular

After watching the sunset we found the bar and split a pitcher while singing along to some 80s rock classics. We wandered back to our apartment taking the longest way possible because these curly streets are confusing in the dark. We pass about 30 hair saloons, some small restaurants and bars. The Zurich scene is not one for raging. But tomorrow we venture to Paris for the weekend and who know what that will bring.


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