The One Where They Go to Europe

My two best friends from elementary school were very patient as I explained if we were going to travel somewhere I’d like to go somewhere I haven’t been. I am assuming they sighed and rolled their eyes but eventually we found the perfect place: Switzerland. We had never been, the flight was cheap and it was supposed to be beautiful. Further research informed us that Paris was a quick train ride away. Kelsey was dying to go and that counted as #23 in terms of new countries. Thus we had our trip.

Fast forward to the plane touching down in Reykjavik, Iceland. We have 10 minutes to make our transfer the plane bound for Zurich. As we empty out of the plane I ask the flight attendant, “Do we have enough time? Is the terminal that big?” She replies, “It isn’t that large but I would run.” I look at Kelsey and Stasia and swallow. We get in the terminal see that we need to get to terminal C, located 15 walking minutes away per the sign. We start running. Two girls yell to us if we are going to Zurich. We scream “yes!” and they sprint after us. Through customs, we are so close. I drop my neck pillow and a guy yells “hey you dropped your pillow!” Stasia masterfully swipes it up and yells “Keep going!!” Finally we get to the check in line for the flight gasping for breathe. Onward to Switzerland.

We land at 3pm in Zurich which is 9am back in New York. With little sleep we venture to the airbnb. This takes many forms of transportation and was a process. We get train tickets, find train, board train with mad suitcases. Then exit train at Zurich HB (main station), find tram, buy tram tickets, board tram, exit tram. Finally locate apartment, find mailbox, open key lock box, unlock door find apartment. Collapse.

from balcony of airbnb

We wake ourselves up and start to venture out. We eat at the first restaurant we see which has a bunch of different asian options. Switzerland has surprisingly good curry. As we walk towards the city center we find a weed store. Good to know that’s legal here. After a quick 15 minute walk through curving streets we end up along the river. From there we find the path to Lindenhof which is an overlook. It provides the most gorgeous views.


After walking around and getting aquatinted with the city we decided it was a respectable time to go to bed. We stopped by Coop, which became my beacon of truth throughout the trip, for some groceries and 3.5chf boxed wine. God Bless Europe.

Tomorrow we planned to explore Zurich as a city so we all cuddled in a California king bed oddly enough and fell asleep to You Got Mail streaming from our phones.


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