Baja California, Mexico

The next time an American says Cabo please say no. There are two incredible, historical, cultural, beautiful cities just north of there. Ditch Cabo and travel up north for these other two cities in Baja California: La Paz & Todos Santos.


This town is an easy flight from Mexico City or just 2 hours north of Cabo. The beaches are beautiful, the water is calm, and the food is delicious. La Paz is located in a large protected bay. The beaches there have the most stunning clear water. The real draw here are the sea lions.

Espiritu Santo is an UNESCO protected island. The local residents gathered together and fought for it to be protected against some real estate companies that were trying to come in and take over. Incredible because the result is tours leave from Zona Central lead by locals. We booked one off trip advisor that was perfect. Transportation to the dock, a guided swim through caves around the island, a ceviche beach lunch, and a boat trip to and from these places was all included.

Recommendation: Hotel HBlue – central, affordable, rooftop pool


An hour south west of La Paz and an hour north east of Cabo is another “pueblo magical” or magic town. These are all over Mexico and truly are magic. People have been living in these towns for ages and are glimpses into Mexican history. We stayed the afternoon so we could grab a cocktail at Hotel California and explore the shops. Yes, that Hotel California the Eagles sing about. The vendors make shoes, bowls, and sell art. Come with space in your luggage! If you have longer than the afternoon the beach is a must see.

The drive between these two towns is amazing. You leave the ocean behind you as the desert takes over. Cacti cover the flat ground and mountains stand shadowed in the distance. Our driver stopped at Loncheria “La Garita”, a local restaurant operating for the last 40 years for us for lunch.

The farther you travel outside of the tourist regions the less English is spoken. It is the harder part about traveling but truly it is always worth the challenge. Also shout out to the Hotel California for letting me use their wifi for a call with my client. They noticed my sun-kissed self and asked where I was, when I responded Mexico my client asked “are you moving there?” Not yet, but I just might need to.

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