Bonnaroo- Saturday: Till I Collapse

Saturday morning and its all good. By 10am we are dressed and ready to enter Centeroo for the 3rd day. Entering we walk the familiar trail to the fountain. Oddly enough my body is comfortable in the heat so no fountain for me today, plus I “showered” that morning and the fountain water is brown sometimes. But aside from that we were ready for the first act of the day, Old Crow Medicine Show. We find a bit of shade between Which tent and This tent and nap to the folky tunes. During Old Crow Medicine’s show This tent had a hip hop artist. I kept waking up hearing country rap, very very confusing. At 3:30 Chiddy Bang took the stage and took over. He freestyled about topics Bonnaroo attendees suggested some obvious ones were Bonnaroo, Tennessee and boobs. The more obscure ones were the Kentucky Derby, Pokemon and white girls with booty. It was actually really impressive check the link.

Continuing with the round table of genres Saturday brought was Jovanotti or as we kept calling him, the Italian dude. This man gave it his all rapping and jumping, singing and screaming in Italian and English. Although it was 4:00 pm and it felt like 100 degress Jovanotti did not care. Seriously check him out because between the unique sound of the band and is Italian lyrics I was a converted fan. Probably the most random artist I ended up seeing these four days.

Next was an artist I couldn’t wait to see. After JMU’s April show I had become part of TGOD. Wiz Khalifa entranced me and I was stoked to see him again. Heading over to What stage I bump into a girl from PVI; with over 100,000 people who would have guessed I would actually see someone I knew. Wiz kills it on the stage so much so that I forget to leave early for Mumford & Sons. Basically running over to Which stage I have to fight like a ninja to squeeze through the crowd. It takes me about 30 minutes to get close enough to see the stage. Weaving through the crowd I sing along with Marcus Mumford as he owns the set. Singing while playing drums, guitar and the mandolin I am in awe. The sun starts to set as he invites Old Crow Medicine Show out to join him in “Amazing Grace”. Everyone joins in as the sun hides behind the trees bringing the sweet cool night breeze.

Speechless we all meet up and head over to !!!. With no idea how to explain or pronounce this band I was really interested in the sound and its following. The tent was not crowded but those there either didn’t care or didn’t notice. Definitely weird and not what I wanted after the greatness of Mumford & Sons. The Black Keys were playing on What stage but my body was slowly revolting. We made our way back to Which stage to hang out and wait for Buffalo Springfield. Relaxing and chatting with those around us I fell deeper in love with the atmosphere of a music festival. Buffalo Springfield rocks the stage with Neil Young leading us all in the chant “Bonnarooooooo” with our hands in the shape of an O.

Now it is 11pm but it might as well be 4 am because my body is no longer running on the adrenaline. In a daze we make our way back to What stage for Eminem. An hour of the sound going in and out leaving me barely hearing “Stan”, “Not Afraid”, “Toy Soldiers” and “My Name is” left me wishing I was closer. As he was the only act on at that time probably around 80,000+ people where there. The night ends with fireworks as I bank on my body remembering the route. I collapse onto my sleeping back only to be awoken at 2am with the reminder that Girl Talk is playing. My mind says “Yes go! You haven’t seen him since JMU sophomore year” but my body again refuses and I pass out; one and only regret of the whole trip.

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