Mexico: Puerto Escondido

One of the surf capitals of the world is located in Puerto Escondido. On my second escape from America, I landed here in the state of Oaxaca (WAH-HA-CA). My first virtual events were finished and I was excited to continue my nomad working remotely life from the beach. Friends who visited earlier last year warned me about the lack of internet. A quick google search confirmed last month they were installing a fiber network cable. Mexico knew more than any country it seemed that internet bought tourism, and tourism brought cash.

From the airport to the beach was possible a couple ways. There were shuttles or cabs available. I read online that the cabs charge more at the door because the airport charged them to enter. If you walked to the main road you could get a cheaper ride. Always one to save a buck, my luggage and I rolled into the heat and down to the road. The path was about 10 minutes. The way had old planes staged like a museum. I leap frogged across the road and negotiated my ride to the beach. As always cash is king.

My favorite hostel Selina was sold out of private rooms and as a 33 year old woman working full time I was not sharing a room. I upgraded myself at a hotel on the beach strip Zicatela. With two pools, daily breakfast, a water fountain, a balcony overlooking the beach, and a fairly strong wifi connection, I knew I made the right call. In the mornings I’d eat delicious breakfasts and work from my balcony. In the afternoons, I’d spend my lunch breaks tanning on the beach watching surfers. After a beautiful dinner of fresh fish, I jammed to a live band and then went to bed. That night Montezuma had his revenge.

It is common for people first coming to Mexico to get sick, from both ends if you will. I had a successful first month in Yucatan with no illness so I thought I was safe. Some people go as far as to not brush their teeth with the water. No one knows how you get it but get it I did. The next 6 hours were muy mala. I used peppermint oil to rub my stomach and spent the next day drinking only water. My system is pretty strong so by the afternoon I was fine, just with no appetite. Which for me is wild. The next two days I couldn’t eat a thing. The diet of coconut water was boring. I wanted fresh tuna tacos.

It passed and I was feeling ready to spend my tax rebate. The style in Oaxaca is gorgeous, the colors, fabrics, designs, endlessly different and incredible. I purchased a beautiful skirt and obviously a wide brimmed hat. I had a friend I met in Australia, Maya, living in Puerto Escondido. On my last night in town we went to La Punta, the more swimmable point of this beach. We watched the sunset and laughed when the whole beach clapped. Oh tourists. We went to grab a cocktail and listen to a rock band as the sky changed from yellow to orange to red to pink to purple. My week at this beautiful beach came to an end, I packed up my new things, hailed a cab, and I was off to the airport. 3 weeks in CDMX/ Cuidad de Mexico/ Mexico City/ Mexico, where ahead of me.

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