Passport Crawl: Zambia

Leaving Sicily was really hard. Now I really need to see if I can actually apply for Italian dual citizenship. It is time to experience Africa though so onward.

With a two 8 hour flights ahead of me we spent the night dancing at this beach club. I prefer to just sleep through these flights and only wake up for meals, which I should of slept through after looking at it. Also my window seat lacked a window so I’m glad I passed out. After a quick transfer run through the Dubai airport I catch my flight to Johannesburg. Not before feeling the 95 degree temperature at 10pm. Damn Dubai.

I land at 5am, extremely disoriented and head through customs to get my bag. 20 minutes later, me and 5 other people sadly make our way to luggage services as our bags haven’t arrived. The woman confirms it should come in 2 days but I’d have to pick it up at the airport in Zambia. That’s a hell no. Thankfully I packed like I wouldn’t need this bag anyways and had always planned to try and pay for a storage locker since we were returning to Johannesburg. She says I can spend $50 a day so really this is a blessing.

5 hours later I meet Amber at the airport and we board our flight to Zambia. Zambia has it’s on currency but they accept USD. One catch, the bills have to be 2006 or later. THIS IS IMPORTANT. We helped a customs woman break her $100 and as a result were stuck with a $100 from 1988 for the entire trip. Yes, a freaking woman at customs did us like that.

Besides Victoria Falls, there is not much to do in Livingstone. Considering, are my recommendations.


If you are looking for something cheap and centrally located; LePatino is the choice. It’s $35 a night, includes wifi, breakfast, a small pool, a private room and bathroom with linens/towels. Yessir. It isn’t the Ritz but it’s safe and pretty much mosquito-less in the rooms. They will also drive you anywhere you need to be for $10. It keeps it easy considering how aggressive they are trying to arrange a cab for you.


Cafe Zambezi: Just get the sampler plate which includes spiced rice, steak, croc ribs and veggies. It’s cheap, takes credit cards and has wifi. We walked from our b&b too.


Victoria Falls: this is a duh. This is a world wonder. No pictures do it justice. No description makes sense. How large this waterfall is is impossible to explain. Just go.

Angel’s Pool: I need an entire separate post for this because it is that epic. Read it here.

Sunset cruise: Leaving from the Waterfront hotel, this cruise picks you up and includes unlimited drinks and dinner for $55. Absolutely worth it for the views. We posted up to look for crocodiles and didn’t really socialize but some people were there to get turnt.


“I suppose it’s like the ticking crocodile, isn’t it? Time is chasing after all of us.” Peter Pan

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