Passport Crawl: Victoria Falls

We only had 2 days in Zambia before we started our safari. To kick off our experience, we decided to visit Angel’s pool in the Zambezi river through Victoria Falls Guide. I didn’t know at the time this would become the most incredible adventurous activity I’ve ever done.

Angel’s pool is this small carved out rock ledge in the waterfall. Based on how the water falls it is relatively safe to stand and play in this pool. Called Angel’s pool because it’s sister, Devil’s pool, you can actually dive into. This isn’t available in July because of the water levels. It is not any more safe though, such a misnomer.

They distract you with the views and the rainbows on Livingstone Island and before you know it you are walking hand in hand to the edge. Once there you shimmy your butt down some rocks and plop you are there in the waterfall. Between you and the 108m or 300+ft drop is only our guide, Alpha Omega and a thin rope. They quickly tell you to abandon your one life line and come sit on a rock. All the while waves pound your back. PRO TIP: Don’t wear a bikini.

I cannot express what this feeling is like so just try and read my face. It’s white water rafting meets a hot tub. The photo shoot continues as a daft guide poses with my iphone at the world’s end without the water case because you know #doitforthegram.

You then have to inch your way out while volumes of water try to wash you out. When we were finally back on land I felt like I had a light black out. Forget skydiving and bungee jumping, get in a waterfall.


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