Ireland: Killarney

Welcome to 9am in Dublin. Pack the bags. Inhale the breakfast. Call the Hailo. Unload at the train station. Board for Killarney.

After a 20 euro trip, which for 5 people is a deal, we arrived at the station. Since we booked our tickets online they actually assigned seats for us with our names above them. There was tons of room to store bags, the train was well lit, clean and timely. It is everything the Amtrak should be.


After a quick transfer we board our next train. I sit with the loveliest couple going on holiday to Killarney. We discussed Ireland, their politics, immigration problems in the country and the influx of American companies coming to Dublin. Eventually we got to the elephant in the room- Trump and Hillary. We had a pleasant conversation about the two of them. I always find it eye opening to hear people’s opinions of America considering we are so opinionated about how the rest of the world operates.

Arriving in Killarney was extremely simple. After walking down an adorable street we find our hotel. *Mad shout outs to T-Mobile and their amazing international plan* Now time for some food and definitely a beer.


We stumble into Laurels right on the main road and feel like I am in a movie set. Shocked places actually look like this cosy cutesy bar. I wish I had a picture of the Shepard’s pie I ordered but I couldn’t even pause to take a picture it was that good. After a nice warm meal we head to our tourist double decker red bus for a Hop on Hop off Tour.

Hop on Hop off Bus Itinerary and Stops:

Ross Castle

Torc Waterfall


Muckross Castle and Gardens

It was a quick and dirty day but any day that you can explore castles in is a good day in my book. Tomorrow we explore the Ring of Kerry and dive into the Killarney National Park. Onward!

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