Day in the Life

630am blink awake

650am call an uber

700am arrive at SB50 in the pouring rain and wonder if this will last all day

702am spend 2 hours adhering vinyl to spin bikes to make them uniform

900am apply Macy’s branding to newly covered bikes

930am demolish an egg&cheese sandwich and coffee

945am hang jerseys and helmets in our locker room onsite


1000am send someone to pick up the overnighted fixed sigange for the tv

1015am vaccum

1030am realize the branded footballs aren’t blown up

1100am run around in the rain with 10 deflated footballs

1115am have someone say “You know Tom Brady isn’t in this game, what are you doing with those balls”

1116am respond like this (-_-) and ask if he knows where you can find a pump

1130am realize all the bike stores are closed because its raining

1135am ask random biker if he has a pump, he does and will let you borrow it

1140am realize the pump isnt working and someone has a motor one that works on a car

1141am send them to find a car

1146am fire marshal arrives and needs to test the fire safety of your tent and flooring

1147am Macy’s says they are 15 minutes away

1148am its still pouring

1155am fire marshal approves your structure if you can do a couple add ons

1156am send fabricator to get add ons

1200pm Macy’s arrives

1220am Macy’s loves it and says the media isn’t coming anymore so no press tour

100pm Macy’s leaves to go to lunch

105pm organize rest of space before you leave for lunch

130pm answer staff uniform questions from staffing company, remember you have a 2pm call

145pm head to the office for 2pm call

200pm call with MC for the week to go over event

230pm run to get lunch

245pm have the server wish you a happy weekend

246pm act confused until you realize its Friday

300pm demolish lunch and try to breath

330pm return to tent to clean up back of house, remove extra trash, hang lights in the lockers and add more branding to the bikes

440pm realize the credential place is closing in 20 minutes

455pm grab credentials for tomorrow

500pm realize Host Committee approved our fixes from the morning conversation

515pm leave in the pouring rain to check on the other activation LeadDog is in charge of


530pm try and order an uber but since Super Bowl City is so large you cannot get one within a certain radius

532pm Try and understand where the uber pick up point is

535pm give up and get your nails done

635pm crash on the couch and realize you could do no other job in the world

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  1. Couldn’t imagine spending these days with any one else – solution based all damn day girl! xx! #oneteamonedream

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