2015: Double Time

In 2015, I felt this theme of doubles. It was my second year in New York. I started and finished the year with two different jobs. I lived in two different apartments in two different boroughs. Some people would shrug this consistency away but not me.

“There is no where you can be that isn’t where you are meant to be” John Lennon

The start of 2015 marked my second year in New York. This puts New York almost on par with my time in DC. I am feeling as though I just moved here and left my LivingSocial friends but then realizing really how long it truly has been. In DC I felt like I accomplished everything imaginable within that 2 and a half year time period. In NYC in the past two years I have been to tons of shows, different beaches, laid in countless parks and drank on probably too many rooftops but I have barely scratched the surface.

In 2015 I had two jobs. I said goodbye to the New York Mets and hello to the LeadDog Marketing Group. Ironically enough this was the year the Mets went to the World Series. Although I turned in my ID in August I happily returned in October to cheer them on. Since then at LeadDog I have managed the Susan G Komen 5k in Central Park and two Urbanathlon’s for Men’s Health in San Francisco and New York. Life seems to take you full circle as my last event of 2015 was at Citi Field. Seems to be fitting I should end the year where I started… with Mr. Met.

When I moved to NYC in January 2014 I moved to Queens. I knew I was working in Flushing for the Mets so having a commute that was convenient to the 7 train was essential. I spent a year and a half there enjoying the food most of all. Queens is known for Greek food but it does not stop there. Some of the best food I have eaten in New York is in this borough. Cross the river… give it a chance.

IMG_6794 (1)

This June I moved with my sister to Brooklyn. I always envisioned myself living in this borough and was ecstatic when I found a place that worked. We have a cute, read small, two bedroom in Bushwick. I am 15 minutes from the East Village and 10 from Williamsburg by the reliable, read hormonal, L train. In 6 months we have found many hipster bars, fusion restaurants and the most ethnic parks that make you ask if you accidentally traveled to Central America.

Speaking of travel… it would not be a year with me if I did not try and leave the country. This year I visited two different European countries; Iceland and Germany. Before you say “wait! Iceland isn’t in Europe.” Google it and return.

My trip to Iceland was so incredible. It is equal to finding a combination of a less green Ireland, Mars and Middle earth in one country. Even though I have never been to Ireland or Mars and the last is fictional… I spent 5 days there and could have easily spent another 5 with so many beautiful landscapes to explore. If you are looking for a quick, close, adventurous trip- Reykjavik or bust.

Next destination was Germany. 3 weeks before Oktoberfest was about to begin my friends invited me to join them. After the nod of approval from my manager I grabbed a last minute flight and my passport. I spent the day in London before going over to Munich. For 5 days we gallivanted through the squares of Germany, drank steins, and chanted Prost.

2015 was done right. Shout outs to Miley Cyrus in Turks and Caicos,  NPH at Equinox and all the entertainers dancing in the L train (real life meetings). 2016 kicks off with a two week onsite event for the Super Bowl in San Francisco… not a bad way to start the new year.


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