BabyQ Shower

Back in January one of my best friends from college gave me and my friends the best news; she was expecting. Amidst freak outs and way to early belly rubs we squealed thinking what this means. One of the biggest events before the baby comes is the baby shower. My friend Becca asked me and our friend Amber to plan the big day. Neither of us are particularly creative but I am an event planner and she has 4 nephews. We got this.


This world of showers is limitless. The number of etsy and pinterest boards is overwhelming. I take some deep breathes as I try and make a google doc to get us started. Becca asked for a co-ed barbecue style shower. One of our friends offered to smoke brisket and ribs and get a keg. Seemed like half of the work was already done… or so we thought.


At a shower there are some traditional elements that happen. Having no babies on my side of the family yet I had do so some research. We settled on the following games:

  • Guess the date
  • Guess the weight
  • Guess the baby picture
  • Guess the name

Michael’s had chalkboards on sale so we snagged those and asked everyone to bring a baby picture. These games are great, easy and can be fun talking points for people who don’t know each other.

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Next we wanted to have something a bit more active. We created our very own relay race. We bought two baby dolls and had teams of 3. The first team to do the following first won: dress the baby, chug a drink out of a baby bottle and put a diaper on the baby. This became extremely competitive very quickly. So fun and completely easy!


Since Becca asked for a babyq we went for your quaint outdoor farm look. Amazon Prime became the most incredible place to order supplies. This is the part that has the potential to get extremely expensive. Pre-ordering everything allowed us to know exactly what we spent. We got the following:

The remaining supplies we bought from Michaels, Party City and Walmart that weekend. It turned out more gorgeous than I could have even imagined! I would not recommend the drink containers because they leaked the entire party. We had to rent extra tables and chairs for more formal seating. We used Jms party rentals. With a minimum rental fee of $75 there was no delivery fee. Great price, timely delivery and pick up. Absolutely recommend if you are in the upstate New York area!

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It turned out to be a gorgeous day which I have no doubt everyone enjoyed. I am so thankful to our friends for all their help and of course thankful to Becca for giving us a reason to celebrate.


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