Phang Nga: Into the Caves

530am. Time for day two. Today’s excursion was run by Two Sea Tour. While my friend went scuba diving I decided to explore more of Phang Nga bay. Like most tours this tour includes transportation and meals. I am scooped up and have some early morning chats with the passengers in my bus. It is easy to tell who is from the states besides the easy speaking English tale tell. Once we make it on board our guide Philippe explains the boat, shows were breakfast is, where coffee and water is served and tells us the wifi password. Yes, this boat has wifi. I instantly sign on and begin sending snap chats to make everyone jealous.


As we speed towards the islands Philippe gives us an in depth description of where we are headed. Even though I did a similar tour the day before I was so drawn to these island mountains I needed more information. Two Sea Tour was incredible at providing so many stats and figures about the islands. Perfect day two trip since the day before I did not take my camera away from my eye. As we head back into bat cave to explore again I find myself in continued awe. Philippe brings us into a lagoon and says he likes to take a moment of silence to honor the nature here. As we did you could hear the water lapping, birds screeching, wind in the trees and monkeys playing. It was truly one of the best parts.


We do Bat Cave, Hong Island which we did with John Gray’s Sea Canoe and then head over to James Bond Island. As we approach the island I can see this is going to be crowded. We are paired off with our canoe guides which was fantastic because you could explore the island without thinking “Shit, I just know that long boat is leaving without me.” This was really the first chance we had to explore on the mountains and really view the limestone up close so I took advantage. (click to enlarge)

After I gave my guide a bit of a work out climbing all over these rocks we boarded the boat for lunch. Always my favorite time because these meals on these boats are incredible. The staff is all local Thai people who cook in the lower level. You can start to smell the spices as you move from island to island.


The next location is a island with a small beach. It is time for some relaxing and enjoying the islands. We are about 500 feet from the shore and Philippe says we can swim over if we want. You don’t have to tell me twice as I am the first one to jump in and swim ashore. My guide follows me and asks a couple times if I would like to get on. Not necessary but a nice comfort for people who may not be good swimmers. We lounge on the sand, explore the small caves and even see some monkeys. As I swim back to the boat to head back to Phuket I know this trip has become a life changing experience.

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