Heading to the Far East

Asia. About as opposite from our Western culture as you can get. The language isn’t latin or germanic based. The populations are drastically higher than ours. Day to day life isn’t even comparable… or so I thought. Growing up and learning about the world Asian countries always gave me a slight nervous feeling for all those reasons. Fast forward to September 2014 when a friend mentions he’s going, tickets purchased. “Do you want to join?” he asks. One week later I’m swiping my credit card and telling my credit card company; “yes accept those charges from Thailand”. I’m going to Asia.


10 weeks later I am boarding a plane to start my 20 hour saga to Thailand.
MapFirst stop Heathrow for a 4 hour layover and a $40 breakfast; got to love the pound. I meet my friend there and await our 12 flight to Singapore. Officially saying goodbye to everything I’ve known. On to the next adventure. The hours fade away as I watch the Rock in Hercules, Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables, and Angelina Jolie in Maleficent. As we exit the plane its Sunday morning, I left Friday night. The humidity and sun greet me as I take off my sweater. No regrets as I board the last plane to Phuket, Thailand. As we descend all my worries fade away when I look out my window. I’ve made it.

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