For The Thrill of It


After two days of hanging in Melbourne it was time to go to Cairns. We take a quick 2 hour flight and arrive at the early hour of 8am. 90% humidity and temperatures of 80 degrees hit us, I reach for my hat as my hair explodes. After checking into the hotel we walk down the boardwalk along the water. Restaurants and shops line the street giving this town a beachy feel. We settle at an outside view of the water for breakfast. Naturally we order Vegemite. Our server is beyond ecstatic that we have never had it and dubs herself our guide in how to eat it. Hot bread, tons of butter and a light spread of Vegemite will do the job. It really tastes like yeast and butter; not something I am likely to ever crave but when in Rome…

After a well balanced breakfast it was time for skydiving. We booked our skydiving experience through Tandem Skydive. Cost includes; pick up from our hotel, 1 hour bus ride to and from the drop spot, and the skydive. Definitely a great deal! After an hour bus ride we arrive ready to get out of the car and into the plane. We are continued to be greeted by the humid sticky air but looking in the distance at the surrounding rainforest it makes sense. The office is clean minus a few hiding bugs and has a pool, tv and ping pong table to entertain you while you wait. After about 20 minutes its time to go up. My instructor Kiwi, straps me in and ridicules me as only skydive instructors do. Warning: you must be able to joke and take things lightly to go skydiving. Instructors love to tell you their past jumpers lost limbs or they are still wasted from last night or only on their first jump.

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 10.24.02 PMWe jumped from 15,000 ft which is the highest legally you are allowed to jump from. Originally we picked a beach landing with 10,000 ft jump but conditions did not allow for it. They offered to give us the 15,000 ft drop since the beach landing wasn’t available. Since that was originally a $30 add on and the 15,000 ft drop was normally $90 we were saving money right? I’d be a fool not to do it! On the ride up you can feel the difference. Higher and higher you go until the door is thrown open and you inch your way out. Nothing prepares you for the fall but you can’t stop it if you wanted to. Free falling for around 70 seconds with views of the beach where you know the great barrier reef is just below the surface, the rain forest and the beautiful landscape below takes your breath away as much as the free fall.

The parachute is pulled and now its a relaxing glide down to the surface. Kiwi looks at me and says “have you ever touched a cloud?” as we fly into one. I feel like a 5 year old reaching my hands out and gasping. Beyond an amazing experience that everyone should try once. Come on, get out of your comfort zone and truly see the world.

**warning: falling at 15,000 causes severe chipmunk face and really chapped lips

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