livingsocial… quite literally

“LivingSocial, this is Angela”; I put on my best professional voice as I answer the phone. For the last 2 months I have been working as Event and Travel Coordinator at LivingSocial. My department, just 3 people including myself, books and handles the internal event planning and travel for the entire company. Manager meetings, sales conferences, celebration trips, outside sales extended stay across the nation and candidate travel is all taken care of by the Event and Travel Department.

Within the department I am in charge of planning the internal events as well has helping with all the travel needs. These range from a dinner with the Adventures team to planning a Nationals game for a restaurant that did very well with LivingSocial this year. Each event is new and specific to the people coming in. All LivingSocial events have a twist to make them special just like a deal, escape or adventure. My biggest project is the Annual Sales Conference, this 4 day event has scavenger hunts, band performances, games and food. The sales conference is to pump up our sales force for the upcoming year- speakers and nice dinners aren’t enough to excite a LivingSocial employee- interactivity and engagement is key.

As an ex-UPB exec member I have all the tools I need for this gig. Hospitality understanding, communication skills and my creative mind were put to the test during my year as Director of Center Stage last year. Handling scheduling conflicts or managing picky people is nothing compared to tailoring to the needs of the Taylor Gang. Confident in my skills I head to downtown DC with a smile on my face. My office is a special unique place and differs in subtle ways from the other three offices.The open room has long white desks instead of cubicles with enough mac computers to make any apple fan swoon. Some of our mission statements: Champion Ideas, Make Strong Moves, Surprise and Delight cover 10 foot walls in white paint with neon colored backgrounds. From my office I can see the Monument and eat lunch outside the White House when it is below 100 degrees. A picture is worth a 1000 words so check these to see better what I mean.

The look of LivingSocial gives you a little taste of the company but its employees do it more justice. Every Monday my livingsocial email account is greeted with an email about the social events occurring that week. The company plans everything social- we runsocial, givesocial, drinksocial and just really livesocial. There is an xbox and skee ball machine in the kitchen across from a meeting room with a bathtub dubbing as a table, beers are chilling in the refrigerator and everyone is in casual clothing. All of these things do not distract employees; it seems to excite them. I have come into the office at 8:30 am and 8:30 pm, there is always someone there. At livingsocial we work hard and play hard. Recently I’ve seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with work, created a 90s best tv shows bracket and ventured out to find the many food trucks parked in the Squares of Washington. LivingSocial tries to change things up, each day in the past 2 months has differed slightly. Got to keep your eyes open because recruiting recently got Nerf guns and a battle is beginning.

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