Forming an opinion

#OccupyWallStreet is all anyone can talk about, a wide range of generations are gathering together to express their…. Anger? After research from liberal, conservative and social media I am still lost on what exactly is the problem. 20 somethings can’t find their ideal job, older parents are getting laid off and the corporate companies just seem to be making more and more. The Occupy movement seems to believe if these corporations are taxed more we will all find jobs relevant to our major and live happily in this socialism society.

Does anyone remember socialism doesn’t work in practice? It is a theory where everyone lives happily sharing and working together. One thing is lost here- motivation. What is the reason to work hard or try and make a break through when you will be acknowledged along with everyone else? This essentially destroys the American Dream.

I may be on the wrong side of the fence though. I am part of the 99% financially but otherwise I have no association. I worked my ass off in college joining clubs and making a name for myself. I graduated in 4 years debt free, thanks to my parents. In 1 month after spending 30+ hours a week searching the internet and meeting with people I’ve connected with from my internship, I found a full time job 45 minutes away from my house. For 3 months I commuted and saved enough to move out into the city. My rent takes most of my paycheck so I have to cut back and do something most of my generation does not understand- budget. I go eat out less, pack my lunch everyday, walk to work, and invite people over instead of spend money on the weekends. I take advantage of living in the nation’s capital where the museums are free and the weekend festivals are frequent.

The answer to this problem is not taxing the rich… do people realize that money still goes to the government? Its not like George Clooney is going to write you a check. “Dear Middle Class citizen… Keep your head up” #false.  The answer is to get creative. Sell things online, find little jobs that highlight your talents, look for the way to add yourself to the workings of society and you may just manage to make a profit.

Tonight I witnessed this- walking home I passed the DuPont metro. Five 15 year olds, two 30 year olds and a five year old were wailing on saxophones, trumpets and a drum kit. I stood there for 30 minutes impressed with the talent from these children and watched in awe as people contributed to their donation bucket. People are protesting outside Wall Street trying to make the government give them exactly what they want while these talented artists are making their own way through the chaos to take what they want.

Inspired to keep looking for life’s little opportunities

Disagree? Then thank God you live in America where you have the freedom to disagree.

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