You Know What It Is

Wednesday morning and I am singing the Barney song about rain, you know the one… “standing outside with my mouth open wide”. It is drizzling but UPB treks onward because today is Crazy Commons.

It is the 26th of January. I have been holding a big secret since late November and it is finally time to let it out. Our Crazy Commons is scheduled to promote our upcoming events and announce our spring show. We run around in the rain trying to get the banners to stay while putting our give away promotional mugs out on tables. At 10:55 I run to the office to get the announcement banner and begin the dramatic walk to the Commons. The bells toll 11 as I walk towards a group of people anxiously waiting. I unroll the banner and hang it. People scream, clap and high five… one girl does a dance. Its official, Wiz Khalifa is coming!

For the next hour and a half we promote our show along with other events to those braving the rain to class. It begins to hail at 12:30 and we call it. By the time our wet souls make it back into the warm office with all the paint streaming down our banners we are greeted with good news. The facebook event for Wiz Khalifa has grown to 300 people attending in an hour, by the end of the day 900 people were attending. As of today, 1.30 4,300 people are attending our Convo show. Although I understand that not all 4,000 people will not attend it is great to see the positive reactions from students about our choice.

Let’s just say I am excited to see what March 2nd, the ticket sales date, holds.

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