Actually Learning

Today was a day of epiphanies. First, that I didn’t turn in my homework before my New Media and Society class. I quickly jotted down some thoughts I had about the video game trailers we had and hit submit. After debating video games and their presence in our society I headed off to UPB. The day flew by as I organized a marketing to do list for the week focusing on the announcement at Crazy Commons for our spring concert at JMU. Now that it is late January I accomplish these daily tasks with ease. After skimming my reading for my Managerial Communications class I head over to the SMAD classroom. We argue about scenarios and how things should be communicated in a world where communication is constantly evolving. Here is the video we watched that takes the past 200 years’ life expectancy rates and income levels, more entertaining than you would think. 

I feel confident and entertained from the discussion but welcome 330 when I walk back over to UPB.

I met with 3 of my chairs today who gave me great insight on how we can better Center Stage. The listening party for our spring show will be an event, we have our finances in order to start the semester off right and our committee members finally understand what is expected of them. This wave of relief overcomes me that only 6 months of hard work and fighting the confusion of a new job can provide. A stroke of brilliance, and another epiphany, occurs when my friend struggles with a .psd document. She is frustrated and about to give up with our month calendar, which must be submitted for printing within the hour. The image is blurry and no matter what steps she takes nothing helps. I actually remember from a class the required resolution to print a .psd. After updating the resolution it prints. We rejoice that I learned something that helped me in real life.

At around 6 it is time for our weekly meeting with all 40 members of Center Stage. The meeting flies by as we discuss finances, Listening Parties and ticket sales dates. When the hour is up and everyone leaves I am struck with another epiphany. I love what I am doing. This is exactly what I want to be doing. It surprises me that I am looking for my successor, UPB is hiring now.

2 hours later I find myself doing something horrible… science. I battle through equations trying to remember how to work with exponents and covert simple measurements into the metric system. 3 hours of science and 2 tutors later, the homework is done but I feel exhausted and angry. Here is when the last epiphany occurs, this is exactly what I hate to do. I can not even fathom having to take more than one class of science or even consider that some people major in this subject. I realize I would rather blog, tweet, discuss, video edit or create on Photoshop for days without end then attempt that again.

In the past 4 years I have found my extreme likes and dislikes. I can see myself on no other path than this. Every experience and moment has gotten me to where I am today; proud of my accomplishments, confident in my work and still worried about math.

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