The Best Bloggers

Everyone is talking about blogging. Companies in all industries have begun blogging about company service, products or issues. Although many companies are blogging, not many CEOs of these companies are blogging. Michael Sebastian of Ragan Communications has written an article about a new study on bloggers. In the article “Study: 64 percent of the world’s top CEOs are NOT using social media” Sebastian analyzes the new data from the Weber Shandwick study (downloadable pdf here: Socializing Your CEO).

Not many CEOs see the importances or need to blog when all the social media tools and analysis prove that anyone can do it. “Socializing Your CEO” lists great information that a corporate communicator could use in helping convince their CEO that blogging could be easily done. Fortune Most Admired Company Status quotes 41% “most admired” CEOs to be ones who are most visible online. The more active a CEO is online the high respect they receive in the market and industry.

The document lists some guidelines for CEO blogs. The corporate communicator must meet the CEO in their comfort level. Not all CEOs are ready to start writing and detailing the events of their days or the company. Flexibility must be used until the CEO reaches a comfort level. That comfort level can be reached by beginning by using videos or publishing the press releases online. Once the CEO is more comfortable with the medium they may be able to begin writing on the blog. Show them how to write in a story telling style. The informality and ease of writing a story may further the comfort level of a CEO online. Before the CEO becomes fully invested in the online media, the right medium should be chose to produce your message as a company. The correct medium will be most effective to produce the company’s message and will be the easiest to promote within the company. This form of communication can reach a wide audience and fill a gap between the CEO and customer.

With these facts of advice a corporate communicator can apply them to any industry. The CEO can succeed with these tools and a professional corporate blog.

Now all that is left is to convince your boss to blog.

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