Social Sites and the Corporate Concept

A company has made the decision to be more active and involved in social media through Web 2.0. Implementing the web 2.0 tools does not happen over night. The company must create their social media in line with their mission statement and bottom line, as advised in Northeastern University & Blackbone Media’s article “2.1 How Does The Set Up of A Blog Contribute to a Blog’s Success?”. Companies may be confused as to who should write or control the new social media. Should the corporate communicator monition the content or should the marketing team? Both the company message and products are being shown on the site which combines the jobs of these two different employees.

Intel has chosen to have their social media strategist, Ekaterina Walker, control their facebook page. Social Media Examiner writer Michael Stelzner interviews her in an article titled “The Inside Scoop on How Intel Manages Its Facebook Page”. Stelzner breaks down the risks and benefits of having a facebook page for your company through the questions he asks Walker. She responds with a detailed account of how Intel formed their company’s page.

Their target audience has been extremely important to them in the growth of their page which is at 115,000 fans currently. Originally they targeted tech geeks who would be interested in creating their own products while using Intel’s products. Their audience grew once they realized that larger companies and mom and pop shop companies alike were buying their products. These audiences are reachable now because of the mainstream ability online. Instead of just having one group of people to talk to thousands of people interested in computer products are available to read and comment online.

Now that facebook has 500 million members, discovered by a company must ask themselves- can we afford to not be online?


  1. Social media in the corporate world has gotten a whole lot more interesting with the advent of web 2.0. Now that companies can no longer control the message that is out there in the cyber world, it’s fascinating to watch the conversations and communities evolve. I recently had a great experience in an airport. I was so appreciative I sent out a tweet. The airport was listening and tweeted right back! Amazing. To me, that’s web 2.0 and corporate social media at its best.

    1. Thanks for the comment Susan! I am also amazed by Twitter and its instant capabilities to communicate. Speaking to companies directly never seemed so easy! We know now that they are listening and responding.

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