Everything Up to Lights Out

Show day. There is nothing like it. The artist is on their way, the fans are preparing for the night and the volunteers are on their way to help. As I walk up to Wilson Hall, electric trucks and a bulldozer block me. I remove my sunglasses and walk into the auditorium to find the building manager. He greets me explaining that the air conditioning is broken and it takes priority over my show. The world stops and I have to refocus. The UPB coordinators and I discuss where we could move the concert to that would have good lighting and is not too far to re-load in all the sound equipment. The conversation spins in front of me and I barely pay attention. Why did this have to happen on my first concert?

We decide to assess the full problem by being in Wilson. I feel powerful with my entourage of people, VP of Programming, Coordinator and Mark Cline, who is powerful but I’m sure no one knows his actual title. We divide to conquer as I meet the middle agents, William and Andy, to give them their parking passes. Emily, Carrie and Mark go to to take care of the ac problem. We reassemble and realize the ac will be fixed before 8 when the concert starts. The bulldozers are replaced by sound trucks and my crew starts to unload equipment.

Cartel drives up and the load in process continues. They struggle to get their equipment in because of our lack of a ramp but in the end an assembly line of help makes load in function. Drum risers arrive and I realize the day is speeding by. Down time is hard to find but during the sound check is the time to sneak away if you need to. I seize the opportunity and run to grab food.

Time check- 5:30.

Only 30 minutes until the volunteers are going to be here and the opening band should be loading in now. Cartel has a meet and greet with 30 lucky fans while we load in the opener, Casey Cavanagh. During their sound check we have a security meeting with ESI, our professional help. My helpful exec go into their different corners to have discussions about their positions with my committee members. Everything runs smoothly now that we are 30 minutes till doors. I remember to check on the Pit line outside, we have a full 75 people show up to stand in front of the stage. They calmly receive their wrist bands and wait for the doors to open.

5 minutes till I make a final lap around Wilson. The security stand ready, the ushers line the rows, ticket takers wear their aprons read to take ticket stubs, will call holds the online purchases and the stage hands organize the openers equipment ready for them to take the stage. Doors open and hundreds of Cartel fans rush in to get the best seats they can.

Time check again and it is 8:00pm.

Show time.

I realize as the lights dim that everything we had been working for is about to be worth it.

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