Yesterday I was reminded of the reason I am really here: classes. As a normal person of my generation I rely solely on my telephone alarm to wake me up. Since I don’t have my great Alman Brother’s “Ramblin’ Man” ring tone that I have become classicly conditioned to, this was going to be interesting. I set the alarm and tell my madre we have class at 10. The alarm fails and Rosa saves the day. Christine and I book it to class because we are still a little unfamiliar with the curved inner roads of the city. We naturally get lost and end up on Tostado y Silenco (toasted and silence). First is communication and I have come to think I may have met the most intuitive man in the world. Javier understands Spanish and American culture, which in my mind makes you a genius. He has already done his American Spanish voice. We ask millions of dumb questions, like why does everyone smoke or when can you drink wine. Next is Travel Writing, aka a SMAD class hidden in the Writing and Retoric Major. We are creating a website with blogs that well detail different aspects of life in Salamanca (link to come). Finally is literature. I knew this class was going to be difficult when our first assignment was to read poetry. I HATE poetry. We have to read a novel at the end so I guess I’ll suffer through the bad to get to the good. My teacher looks like an Literature teacher. It is so interesting that the stereotype of someone who studies books can cross cultures and languages.

Now on to the Plaza Mayor for tapas with some amigos

Hasta luego

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