Thank God the traveling is over. The flight was fine, although I may have restless leg syndrome. I befriended a woman who teachers college age military guys English, she said she’d friend me because they love Americans (yay friends!).  After falling asleep on the floor of the aeroperto and the bus we were finally in Salamanca! Our “madres” waited for us beside the bus chatting and laughing. Rosa, our mom, owns a hair shop and constantly has customers. We are in a beautiful 5 room flat with a kitchen and bathroom. Christine and I each have our own room, which is definitely a treat.


We ate meatballish things with some delicious bread for “comida” at 6 and then had a long siesta. I told my madre thanks for dinner but she laughed and told me dinner was later. We had toasted crispy ham and cheese sandwiches with strawberries for dinner. We stayed in and watching “cantame”, which is Spanish American Idol, that night.

Saturday we awoke and had spanish coffee, which is as strong as people say. Then walked to Plaza Mayor with Silvia, the daughter. It is about a 15 minute walk past a park and two churches. After  quick orientation we were free for the weekend! We found a McDonalds, Burger King, Indian, Chinese and Italian food. We found some Internet and had a beer before lunch. Everything that Rosa cooks is delicious! (sooo much ham)


Next was the Salamanca game. After about 40 minutes of walking we were surrounded by chanting and singing. (Salamanca is in 3rd to last place but no one seemed to care). Toti assisted the winning goal and is to the left (my favorito y mi amor) They won 1-0 and we got to scream GOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLL.


Thats all for now! Dinner than experiencing Salamanca night life

I’m already in love with it here


  1. Glad you made it safely! I teach English to Spanish military students, not Latin American ones, though! (though 2 are actually from Argentina..)

  2. that sounds awesome so far! just keep taking pictures of the food. post some for me.
    soccer guy is cute.

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