“Moving” to Lakewood Ranch, Florida

I decided not to get an apartment back in 2021 when I returned from Australia. I made myself a promise, 2022 I would spend at least 6 months outside of the US. I knew this meant I would be relying heavily on friends and family to house me when I was in America. This responsibility fell chiefly on my parents, Donna and Joe. Not like I was the first millennial to move to their parents’ during the pandemic but my reasons were less about money and more about traveling. Thankfully they offered up their guest room, temporarily they said, and thus began my part time Florida residency.

My parents are definitely the coolest people I know. My mom still has the energy and charisma from her high school days on the color guard. My dad still is the rocker from the 70s. In any party I followed them to my mom would be in the center of the room telling some captivating story with everyone laughing. My dad would be posted up in the corner also surrounded by people cueing music or just looking generally cool. They both have this energy which normally results in people liking them more than me. I get it though, if you know them you know this is true.

While in Florida I joined my mom in her new Jeep to book clubs, charity endeavors, yoga, and even ran with her running group in the evenings. My dad and I would take his old Corvette around to the various random errands I would have. Life admin adds up when you are constantly traveling. I’d come to Florida and have thank you gifts to send, clothes to thrift for the next pending trip, or just the desire to be at the beach.

Over the winter months Florida was a lovely place to be. The humidity was mild and there were less people around. Mom found a yoga with goats class at a local farm. We’d go to 4pm happy hour on the pier and watch the sunset. Before Christmas we volunteered for mom’s running group at a 5k. I am almost certain this is where I got my first COVID. Fitting I would get it in Florida.

Normally I would be gone for 2-3 months escaping to another country before returning tired, dirty, mentally exhausted from all the energy it takes to travel like I do. They would kindly pick me up from the airport and let me take over the guest room. Not having to worry where I was sleeping next, or what food I had to go get, or where I was going next was a greater mental relief than I can even explain. I’d use the 2-3 weeks in the beautiful house to regather my strength for the next adventure.

I set off for Mexico in December and returned in January for a week to borrow sweaters and leave my bathing suits. I returned in February for a secure place to work on my first large virtual events. Coworking around the world is amazing but with varying degrees of wifi or outbursts from hostels it is not the best place to produce an event. Outside of working we visited the beach and went to a bad vineyard. I guess we should of guessed that, Florida isn’t known for wine.

In April I bounced back in between 3 weeks in Dallas planning my first in real life event of the year. In May I returned for Mother’s day, making me the favorite child obviously. I left again in May for 2 months for Europe. When I returned in August the humidity killed me and I barely left the air conditioning. I worked my last large virtual events for the year. I felt such a huge sense of accomplishment at completing these challenging projects and still exploring the world. Outside of work, we found shade and enjoy the many live music outdoor venues. We toured art exhibits and watched the Bear.

When I left in September, I knew I wouldn’t be back until January. Ahead of me was the end of 2022 with trips to Denver, Raleigh, Philly, Albany, NYC, then to Mexico to visit Sayulita, CDMX, La Paz, Oaxaca. I returned to the US for work in Miami, and a wedding in NYC, only to leave to finish the year in Chile and Brazil on a 9 week trip. 2023 may bring many things but I know regardless of what happens I have a nice space in paradise next to my parents to rest my head if I need to. Sorry I missed the holidays. Thanks for the support, love you.


  1. I love reading about your travels Angela. You have such an exciting life and two very fun parents!! 🥳🥹

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