Mexico: From the Lagoon to the Forest

Everyone knows in Mexico they speak Spanish. But that was not the original language, that is the colonizer’s language. Some places in Mexico still have this original language regionally. In the movie Roma you can hear it spoken. This language lingers in the names of the towns like Oaxaca, pronounced Wah-Ha-Ka and Xpujil, pronounched Che-Pu-Jil. Also our next destination.

We grabbed the 5pm bus from Bacalar, transferred in Chetumal, and arrived in Xpujil just after 9pm. The main attraction here are ancient ruins tucked in the second largest jungle, right behind the Amazon, Calakmul. We had no plans, just ideas and a place to sleep. Right off the bus smart tour guides stood there negotiating tours with the Americans, Germans, French, etc arriving. My two French friends negotiated their tour, their price, happily content with the offering. I stood there depressed because I had hours of client calls tomorrow.

Remote working, seems excellent until you are in a town on the side of one of the largest jungles in the world. 1 working ATM, no English speakers, barely enough wifi to upload an instagram story. Shit how was I going to work here.

In the dark we carried our bags down the quiet streets and up a large hill arriving at the hotel. This is when the idea of backpacking really requires a backpack. My backpack had my most important items, my luggage rolled behind me, loudly. When you are traveling with your whole life in a foreign country best not to attract attention, especially at night. Note to self – buy a backpack.

We checked into our room at the bottom of the motel, a steep outdoor staircase with a smartly made ramp went along following the rooms down the side of the hill. The kitchen was open thankfully. We dropped our things and ordered a couple beers and a plate of something delicious.

The next morning my friends left early to tour and I sat to eat breakfast and work the day away. Finding the best wifi in one chair in the restaurant space. I got our laundry washed, walked around the town, extended my reservation for 2 more nights. Enough time for my own Calakmul tour and the day to work.

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