Why I Run

When I moved to Australia in August 2018, I arrived the same day as the world’s largest fun run was taking place in Sydney. Jet lagged and following some new friends to a bbq I was overwhelmed by the party atmosphere that overflowed in Bondi. There was an epic festival on the beach, the whole neighborhood was vibing with music and people. I had to leave on the race day when my working holiday visa expired one year later. Thus missing it twice. So returning for my second year I was prepared. I was running City2Surf.

Then old mate, COVID19 rolled in. By August 2020, I was not feeling the normal optimistic smily woman I normally am. I desperately needed something to look forward to, some challenge to give myself when all my normal entertainments were not possible. I decided to sign up for this race and kick myself into gear. It had been pushed back in the hope they could of made it live but alas it was not possible and they decided to make it virtual. Already mentally committed, I went to sign up and realized that it was 14ks, not the 10ks I thought. Ugh.

Luckily, my ridiculous mother said she would run it with me. This is the woman who wakes up at 5am naturally, doesn’t drink caffeine, and runs an 8k probably once a week. She annoyingly was like omg you’ll be fine! You can easily do 14! *eye roll* Did I mention she was also spotlighted above the fold on the local paper in Florida??

But I had 2 months to prepare. I bought new running shoes and an IVY Park bra from a thrift store, in the hopes to channel Beyonce in my training. It has not been easy but with the race only one week away I actually feel prepared. I’ve been able to run for 90 minutes, something I’ve never done before. This has challenged me to get out of bed, and erase the pain, stress, frustration, loneliness, etc I have been feeling. I leave it all and focus on the waves of the beach or gum trees towering above me. Sydney has no shortage of gorgeous paths to run.

I wish I was able to run this literally with my mom and the other 80,000 people who normally hit the streets between downtown Sydney and Bondi beach each year but I will certainly be channeling that energy I felt on race day before.

If you feel so inclined I’d appreciate you donating to Team and Training which raises money towards fighting blood cancers with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. My grandfather died from leukemia when my mom was only 8. We are running in his honor and for all of those people who are fighting blood cancers around the world.


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