New Zealand: Auckland

After 3 weeks bumming around in Bronte beach I reconnected with my old job who excitedly asked me to return! With the promise of a full time job and finally some income, I booked a flight to New Zealand for a month for one last hoorah.

Now there wasn’t much of a plan in place but I knew I wanted to explore Auckland, the greater North Island, and hopefully make it down to the South Island.

With a friend based in a hippie heritage house in Auckland I knew I could start there and figure it out. I land late Saturday night and am immediately greeted to a bbq in their backyard surrounded by 20 new friendly faces. We slept in this tiny room with a bunk bed without a ladder. Luckily I am innovative and used the window sill to climb up each night.


Now Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand. But when the entire country only has 5 million people big still feels pretty small. Here’s how I’d suggest spending your time in this city.

  • Karangahape Road: affectionately called K Road by the kiwis, hosts loads of bars and restaurants. It is the perfect way to explore something a bit more cultured.
  • Queen St: the tourist road that leads straight down the the wharf and ferries. Here you can find loads of shops, designer brands, and general activity. It also takes you to the hub where you can get the subways which seem to not be connected at all and are just random lines that head out. Why can’t cities understand how important public transport is.


  • Mt Eden: a nearby dormant volcano with lovely sunsets views. Bring a picnic and some beers.
  • Mt Victoria: another nearby dormant volcano located across the water in Devonport. The sunset views of the city are stunning. As the sun disappears the city lights up. Again with the picnic and beers.
  • Rangitoto: another nearby dormant volcano, yes that is a NZ theme, you can take a ferry straight over and hike up to the top for gorgeous views. Bring food and water because this island literally only has birds on it.
  • The Domain: a lovely park near my hippie home for the month and worth a good exploration.


  • Waiheke Island: the vineyard island which I didn’t get to but heard was gorgeous. If you have extra time seems like a good use of your time

The bus system is wildly aggravating and the subway doesn’t seem to take you anywhere you really need to go so even though I hate to say it, I’d recommend getting a car. Now outside of Auckland is really where all the gems are so you’ll definitely. Stay tuned for my suggestions on how to take on the North Island…


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