Hawaii: Kauai

The Garden Island

100% decide what you are doing before you decide where you are staying. We stayed in Princeville which was convenient for the northern attractions. But after we decided what we wanted to spend our days doing we realized everything was in the south which meant 5am mornings with 2 hour drives. It is beautiful up there just would of preferred a bit more sleep.

Here’s where we hit:

Queens Bath

A supposedly short walk to a bathing pool area. Not the case in the winter. The casual walk turns into a muddy American ninja warrior competition. 100% still recommend but get ready to be dirty and not swim at the end. Just marvel at the strength of the ocean.

Tunnels Beach

Impossible to locate and impossible to find parking. Just park literally anywhere nearby on any side street you can find that doesn’t so no public parking and walk down the beach. Again in the winter it isn’t swimmable but we saw 7 TURTLES. Go early and watch the tides because we were told by nice locals that the tide covers the whole beach and can strand you.

Poipu Beach

Southern beach with loads of fish and a cool island just off the main beach. The tide comes up so you can swim between the two beaches. Gorgeous place to see the sunset but definitely touristy.

Waimea Canyon

THE THING TO DO! Seriously everyone talks about the Na Pali coast but this hike through the canyon is stunning. It is about 2 miles each way but it feels like much more. The terrain is gorgeous with many overlooks and a waterfall at the end. It is also where my best friends got engaged. Talk about a perfect backdrop.

Na Pali Coast

Requires a reservation for this hike from the reconstruction after the 2018 hurricanes. It is supposed to be incredible but since it was booked we did the Waimea Canyon Trail instead. If you can’t do both I suggest doing the canyon trail instead.

Little Fish Cafe

Incredible coffee and breakfast place! They have multiple locations and open very early which is crucial for these early morning treks.

Sprouting Horn

Blow hole in the south, not particularly worth it but swing by if you are down there.

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  1. Always happy to be included in your writings. Had an amazing time and enjoyed reading about the adventure just as much!!!

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