Working & Holiday Visa: Sydney

Flashing back to 7 months ago when it was the end of winter in Sydney. I had just returned from Bali and Bondi Beach felt colder than I could have imagined. Let me paint my sad picture for you; jobless and friendless I sat on the beach willing the sun to warm me. World’s smallest violin I know…

I was meeting my best friend’s Australian coworker for a little work advice. I walked into the MCI office for the first time – digging the greenery faux-plant wall, ping pong table and radio jamming. Turns out they had 2 large events in the next 2 months and one of their managers was leaving. After meeting with more of the team they asked the best question: “when can you start?”

After only being in Sydney for 2 weeks I landed an events gig on the Creative Services team! Another constant reminder that luck is when opportunity meets preparation.

In the next 6 months I would produce events at the Opera House restaurant, Botanical Gardens, ICC and other famous venues in Sydney. From stage managing entertainment for 5,000 people to bumping in (Aussie version of loading in) meeting spaces to working 18 hour event days across multiple venues to converting everything from metric- I got into the thick of it.

With this chapter coming to a close, I will head over to the Whitsundays to spend 3 months working to qualify for my second year visa. Google it, its ridic.

So thankful for this experience in Sydney. But now onto the great unknown again with no idea where I will live, work or who I will meet… the adventure continues.

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