2018: Lean On Me

Thinking back to December 2018 in Bushwick, when I was wearing my onesie, crying that the cold weather would kill me compared to today, with a high of 85 feeling like 90 splashing into the freezing water at Bondi to cool off. What a difference a year makes.

2018 gave me some crazy experiences and opportunities with one thing in common; support. Throughout each moment I had someone there to push me forward to bring my dreams to life, as corny as that sounds. I am here today on this beach watching the sunset because of these people.

  • Diet Coke Fam | From Austin to Palm Springs these women had my back. Creatively, logistically and emotionally we went through it producing these ridiculous experiences so people could love Diet Coke even 1/3 as much as I do. #becauseIcan and LeadDoggers for life
  • New York | After almost 5 years in this chaotically beautiful city it was time to leave. I still miss the $3 tacos, Halal guys and the rooftop views. It does not always lift you up but it certainly gives you the moments you will never forget.
  • DC | My heart was so full to have my entire crazy Italian family come down and wish me off. From Cleveland to Pittsburgh the troops came to take shots and send me positive vibes before I set off around the world. Having these beautiful souls standing behind me, cheering me on made it all the easier.

Angela_sSendoff (23 of 25)

  • Passport Crawl | From carrying my bags to housing me to translating these incredible people took me in to their homes and showed me their cities. Nothing is better than feeling like a local while you are traveling. I am forever grateful for the 2am bus rides in London, darting through rain for pizza in Milan, midnight swims in the sea in Sicily, road tripping 900 miles through 3 African countries and celebrating National Women’s Day with shots in Joburg. You can never know how much it really meant to me. (link for all the detailed adventures)
  • Australia | From Bushwick, NYC to the Broadrun Drive, VA to Bondi Beach, AUS. I was finally “home”. Although I felt completely at ease in Sydney, I was craving what I had just left; friends and family. Luckily I met these amazing people who became like family to me. Helped me through being unemployed, having panic attacks, lending me professional clothes, being my drunk bathroom buddies and traveling with me around Australia. Without them I would truly be lost.

*Special shout out to my roommates who helped me through having a full body rash and no medical insurance.

I can choose either to be a victim of the world or an adventurer in search of treasure. It’s all a question of how I view my life – Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho


  1. I have said it before, you are an adventurer to travel the world with a Cirelli mindset and wallet, a DePasquale drive and Marino courage: I, we, salute you and wish you more adventures. Joyce and Bo

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