Passport Crawl: Milan

When the alarm goes off it has only been 4 hours since we fell asleep. 4 days in London have flown by and spending the last night drinking may not have been the way to go. Regret. Time to grab these bags and head off to Milan. Thank GOD for Sarah because lugging these alone was not thought out enough. Damn, no lifts at the tube so its down the stairs we go. HOW do people with mobile disabilities get around cities. Props to you all.


I head down the stairs unable to carry the wheely bag so CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK it goes down the marble stairs. The British are very unimpressed and I get eye rolls. DGAF. Eventually I make it to the airport where they charge me for my bag, decline my cc and then have no outlets for me to charge before leaving.

After 2 seconds I pass out and wake up in Milan, get in the wrong customs line, and “loose” my bag (it was on a different pick up area than they said). I say all this to hopefully show that traveling is not all instagram posts of #blessed. It is exhausting and expensive and at times horrific. But like with life, you take the good with the bad, smile and move along.

But on to Milan, Franny meets me at the Duomo to kick start my 24hrs in this city. When you turn the corner the only appropriate reaction is “Holy Shit”.  Again, I accept assistance with the bags, (#blessed for real) I shower, change and am ready to head back out because this clock is ticking. We head back into the center of town so she can show me castles and churches lining the streets.


*News flash to no one* 1 day is not enough for Milan but Franny is a woman on a mission and runs me through many popular places pausing only for wine at the best little local shops. When visiting my friends I mostly gave no direction, just asking to see their lives in this city. The plans for the night were pizza in her favorite neighborhood and drinks so we could cheers in my birthday at midnight but the weather had other plans.

As the rain starts we speed walk over to Navigli, a neighborhood named because of the canal that rusn through it. Lady luck serves us a table outside at Capatosta under an overhang. We order a bottle of wine as the monsoon kicks in. People run around selling and yelling “umbrella umbrella umbrella” and Franny jokes they have a contract with God because they are out before the rain. We laugh with the waiters and play with the baby sitting next to us; what a perfect summer night. The rain lightens up and we head to Le Biciclette, order some G&Ts and cheers to my birthday. Shocked I am still vertical I suggest we head home so tomorrow we can brunch before my flight.

By 10am we were standing in a bakery called GustaMi with all of this available. As I think I am so thankful I left the land of fast food behind, she orders 1 of almost everything. The rain continues outside but Franny comes through with a win and a Car to Go membership. We throw my bags in there and head to the bus that will take me directly to the airport. I sadly say goodbye, so happy I added this layover to my trip but like most good things it goes too quickly.

I board the flight to Catania, Sicily #29andfine #jkbutnotreally

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