2016: Adventure

2016. Geez. There are many things to be sad and angry about but I am trying to focus on the positive side. Here are my top 3 reasons to smile including one of my favorite songs from the year; Adventure by Cheat Codes.

  • 3 music festivals:
    1. Firefly with Chipotle for work
    2. Panorama with Macy’s for work
    3. Osheaga for the music and for the poutine
  • 7 LeadDog events:
    1. SB50
    2. The Games
    3. Chipotle
    4. Panorama Music Festival
    5. Susan G Komen
    6. Rock n Roll Brooklyn Half
    7. Destination Aspen

All I want is an adventure
For the dreams in my head
Cause I’m tired of pretending
Give me something I won’t forget

All I want is an adventure

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