DIY: Iceland

Recently I cannot get online without seeing incredible pictures of Iceland. From Justin Bieber’s music videos to every travel post on Twitter. It is THE place to go right now. With incredibly cheap flights from WOW air there is no reason not to go. Last year I took a trip with some friends to explore. Since then people have been asking where we went and what we did I thought I would share the details to inspire travel plans. I definitely cannot pronounce most of these places but I can tell you they are worth the trip.

*Click the links in the day for further details of the places listed


Day 1 

Land at 4am
Pickup rental car
Glymur waterfall (one hour north from Reykjavik) – Drive past Hvalfjörður
Snaefellsnes national park (2 hours, 41 mins from Reykjavik).
Night in Reykjavik
Day 2 
Skogafoss (30 mins to Vik)
Night in Vik
Day 3
Wake up in Vik
Skaftafell (part of glacier park)
Glacier Park (45 minutes from Skaftafell)
Drive back to Reykjavik (4-5 hours)
Day 4 
Blue lagoon
Explore Reykjavik


Planning your trip? Let me know if you have questions!

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