What are you worth?

Social media can make you feel like the coolest kid on the playground or like the kid who had a Zenga, remember those? Social media allows everyone to see who you know. From Linkedin to Twitter to Intragram it is all about the followers or how much klout do you have. Some people may scoff and say “well I don’t care who thinks I am well followed or connected”. Think again. Anyone job searching can tell you it is all about who you know.

Take a look at today’s listed jobs. Linkedin will calculate it for you, 200 people have applied, 75 people have applied…Whether they are qualified or not that means 199 people stand in front of you. 5 years ago there were a couple differences. First- you wouldn’t know how many people were applying and second- there wasn’t much you could do about it.

Enter Social Media. Today I can view a job posting and know not only who posted it from that company but also who I know that knows this person. The candidate has finally got some control of the situation. There is less hunting for phone numbers, less stalking offices to drop off resumes. Finally the phrase “let me know what I can do to help” after you have left a position is helpful!

So the next time you are tweeting, or updating your variety of profiles you can claim you are networking. In today’s public world you never know who is going to land on your page and think are they worth it?

Advice- create a social media resume so that when this happens the hypothetical person can know exactly what you are worth and want to hire you.

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