Take the Risk

Yesterday, LivingSocial laid off 400 people and I was one of them. Now Thursday was hard but I am not here to bash them. I am here to tell everyone how when you work for a start up company you take a risk on them as much as they take a risk on you. When I started on June 15th 2010 I was a recent college grad with only music industry experience. Now I have a year and a half of experience in Corporate Event Planning. LivingSocial looked at my skills and said lets give her a shot. The next year and a half would be like nothing I could have ever predicted.

Throughout my event planning experience with the company I traveled to around 10 cities. I created events and experiences for my colleagues that I knew they would never forget. From small groups of 20 to large groups of 400 I worked diligently to prove LivingSocial made the strong move in hiring me. The skills I honed while working is nothing you can gain in school. I negotiated with hotels, restaurants and venues. I brainstormed with managers on how to best organize their conferences. I managed travel for each event insuring everyone arrived safely and smoothly. Each event I planned allowed me to have a new surprise and delight associated with it.

 LivingSocial was the perfect stepping stone for me to get my hands dirty in the event planning world. I stand here a year and a half later with amazing experience. To all the employees, you are what makes the company great. I do wish them all the best as I start the next adventure. Stay tuned its sure to be a good one…

zip lining in Costa Rica


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