Insurance: The New Entertainer

When a serious fan is considering attending a concert a the ticket price, location and date are considered. Once these things are determined to be possible for the fan tickets are bought and the waiting game begins. Depending on the venue anywhere from 500 to 5,000 people can attend. This is the fact that most companies are focusing on when they decide to align themselves to a band for a tour. Many promotional ideas and possibilities are available to an audience that may not have been thinking of the product.

State Farm Insurance capitalized on this concept when they joined Blink 182 for their summer tour. State Farm promoted the tour through tons of give aways, one in particular was the ’66 Cadillac Coupe Deville convertible of Travis Barker, the drummer.

Fans could enter to win after taking an insurance survey at the concerts dates in the venue. The fans benefited from this sponsorship because State Farm helped keep ticket prices low with lawn tickets for on $20. To increase awareness State Farm had locations set up on site with information, a tractor trailer that was co-branded to handle the give away car, key chains that were co-branded and a chance to upgrade their tickets. I personally took the survey and have the State Farm keychain light with the Blink 182 logo on my car keys.

Ray Waddell, a Billboard writer, explains State Farm’s motivation in this endeavor in his article “Blink 182: 2009 CM&P Award Finalist”. State Farm Insurance was able to reach an audience that typical may not attend to insurance commercials or statistics. These attendees drive cars and have insurance though. Over 25,000 people have entered to win the car with 15% asking for more information about State Farm. This is only a small but effective part of what State Farm is doing to expand its audience.

State Farm Insurance keeps up to date with its social media webpages as well. Kelly Thul, the director of the company’s social sites, specifically reviews the youtube account with Michael Stelzner in their interview. Thul explains that the presence on each webpage differs. Twitter, run by the Public Relations department, focuses on listening and responding to customers comments and problems while their Facebook distributes information. This information can contain twitter and youtube posts but can also more importantly offer more detailed answers to viewers.

Stelzner reiterates an important point that all companies should know in his article “How State Farm Insurance Uses Social Media”. The integrity and constancy of the material should reflect the company. Social Media requires all departments within a company to participate information to make the websites transparent.

Whether the answer is promoting concerts or having online communities for discussion, State Farm understands that the future holds new and limitless possibilities.

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