Take the Map and Point to Anywhere

Time astounds me. At one minute you can be somewhere, the next minute you can be somewhere else entirely. Life is made up of these little minutes of traveling. Whether it is to school, home, vacation or to visit family or a friend time continues.

6 hours ago I was at the mall, 6 days ago I was in Mexico, 6 weeks ago I was leaving Spain for London and 6 months ago I was in Harrisonburg starting my second semester of Junior year. Opposing this 6 days from now I’ll be in Ohio, 6 weeks from now I will begin my Senior year of college and 6 months from now I will be home for Christmas break, with 6 months of college left until I am finally into the “real world”.

Every minute is full of these little decisions that in the long run define your life. Don’t mean to be dramatic but it makes all the little moments seem much bigger

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