Alhambra: Arabic Heaven

Alhambra means red one but it should just mean heaven. This place hold the summer and winter castles for the old Arabic rulers. People used to think the Arabians had special powers because this building was made of iron and when it rained it would run red, thus the name. Alhambra definitely mirrors a mythical magical garden. Trees tower over you standing 40 feet high but only 2 feet wide.

The line the pathway blocking the sun and providing a peaceful walk. Water fountains are found ever 1000 feet thanks to the Arabic’s  obsession with water brought on by their desert lives. They found a water source located in the mountains. The gravitational pull from the mountaintop water location to the lower castle location  The castle is littered with water. It flows down staircases in special open tubes. The clean freezing mountain water makes the castle an oasis.

Gardens fill every space hiding the walls and making the castle look one with the mountain itself. Each staircase we climb has a view that outdoes the previous spot. Our coordination keeps saying stop stopping to take pictures we arent at the best one yet, I doubt him. We cross over a bridge to enter the winter castle. This place is similar except more of the rooms are closed off and have roofs. Just as beautiful less simple than the summer side. Arabic influences cover the walls with intricate patterns.

Inclines, stair wells and mazes of gardens was our path to the place my coordinator was speaking of. Each turn we took offered a different view. Lunging up inclines we saw houses nestled into the mountains. Crossing through gardens forests run to the mountain and the endless cloudy sky that laid on the snow covered mountain tops. The views were just breath taking.

After all the journey and discovery of this beautiful castle I decided that in my next life I am going to come back as an Arabian princess. Totally possible…


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