Tryin to tapa that

One of my new favorite things: tapas. After my conversation class, filled with jokes and songs, and travel writing class, recently renamed travel raging, it is 12 o’clock. Now in Spain, 12 o’clock does not mean lunch time. Lunch happens at 230 with our families. Those 2.5 hours seem like weeks away when breakfast is at 9am. Fortunately the Spaniard invented tapas. Tapas mean time for day drinking and delicious bite size snacks. The average tapa could be croquetas, ensalada russa, ensalada mixa, anything with eggs, potatoes or pupil (octopus). Getting a small portion of one of these things and a drink costs around 1 to 3 euros. Definitely in the college kids budget.

Most restaurants have the tapas deal combo if you know how to order it. A couple times I have shown my nonspanishness and have only received a drink for my 2 euro. When ordering the secret is that there is no secret. Ask for a drink and a tapa. Easy. I have gotten vino tinto (red wine) and a croqueta or patatas braves recently. All fabulous.

The hour in between travel raging and literature flies by as I talk and joke with my friends. When walking back to class I feel refreshed, a little tipsy and ready for my last class.

Nothing like a glass of wine and a group of friends to wipe away your worries… wait, what worries?


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