Flamenco is something everyone in Spain should experience. Salamanca has a newly constructed hall about a 20 minute walk outside the city. We walked quickly there as we had spend the afternoon drinking wine in the Plaza Mayor and desperately needed a bathroom.



The show begins and the first thing I notice isn’t the dancing. I see a guy with ridiculous hair basically screaming on stage. The singers seem to be battling for dominance against the dancers’ stomps and musicians’ instruments. A large woman takes the stage. We all are confused and look around because an American performance won’t feature someone of that size.

The show had no intermission like at home. There is no need when there is no refreshment area or store to buy “Flamanco Hoy!” t-shirts. By one hour into the show I started getting antsy. The dancing was fantastic but the singing was getting to me. The show was filled with different scenes. There was a “Jesus dying”, “Center Stage like”, “sexy dancing” and “woman with a fan” scene. The final scene was the most phenomenal to me. 4 women with long dresses danced and stomped around the stage. Their dresses had about 3 feet long trains that they kicked, threw and swirled around. It looked beautiful! It reminded me of the Iron and Wine “Boy with a Coin” video.

It was definitely an experience to remember!

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