Simple Questions

Today was my final day to work with a couple children in elementary school who are learning English as a second language. It was at lunch today was something interesting happened. One of the students started asking me simple questions, as all children love to do. They question and tried to guess about my age and education.  I explained that I was 20 years old and go to JMU. They then tried to guess what sport I played. After I denied football player, cheerleader, basketball player and others she asked the easiest question of all.

Well, then who are you?

Stunned by the simplicity of the question and my inability to answer it I sat there. I started to laugh because this 6 year old wanted a simple explanation and I couldn’t answer her. I ended up shrugging and saying that I guess I don’t know who I am. She tried to assure me that I did, who else would know me besides me.

This short conversation ended and they moved on laughing and joking about 6 year old things. I sat there confused. I know who I am in terms of my likes and dislikes in movies, music and food but to try and explain who I am without those would require major brainstorming.

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