Wait… so what do you do?

You have no idea how many times I get this question. Again for the 1000th time I am the Event and Travel Coordinator at LivingSocial.

Next question… so what does that mean? Without half way through my answer I can see the person loosing interest. Why’d you ask then!? Maybe it is my own fault the world works in 140 characters or action verbs so here I am to break it down so pay attention. The next time you say “Ohhh my friend works for LivingSocial!” And whom ever you are speaking with say “what does she do?” You don’t have to respond… uhhh idk

Candidate & Training travel and car service.

Event planning for conferences, dinners or sales events.

Incentive trip planning.

Extended hotel stays and dc hotel relations.

New initiative travel, heard of LivingSocial’s University TeamGift Boxes?

That was still too much? I do internal hospitality for LivingSocial.

Check this out to see what candidate travel means. It is a picture slideshow don’t worry.

It’s a hard job- filled with site visits, dinners, happy hours and meeting some of the coolest people in DC. If you think you have what it takes check out our job openings. Not going to lie, its not easy so bring your game face.


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