Since graduation, I have had no jobs offers in the music industry but a plethora of jobs in the sales of financial services or insurance. The only people who want to email me work for Aflac or the Nigerian price that still is offering me $104 million, I may need to take him up on that offer. Trying to stay positive after the climax that was senior year at JMU I have decided to spend my time researching new artists. If this is not the summer of employment it will be the summer of music.

So far I have started listening to Fleet Foxes, The Decemberists, !!!, whatever WNRN streams and anyone that is on the Bonnaroo line up. I am starting to schedule concerts up and down the east coast because I am getting antsy. Without a job, school or Harrisonburg to keep me entertain the days have become centered around job searches and the gym, leaving my to do list very empty. This feeling could be similar to being in a race car going 90 miles an hour and pulling the e brake. Going 90 is more fun than going 0.

Right now may not be filled with interviews and office outfits but it will be filled  the sounds of summer. The plans so far are to go to Bonnaroo in June and trying to see Jack’s Mannequin and Blink 182 as many times as my back account can handle.

Any new bands coming through your speakers? Let me know I’ve got all kinds of time.

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